Chuck the Bot

Not the most popular app I ever developed, but probably the one I’m the most proud of.  It is a simple physics puzzle game that includes a level editor which let you play your own levels locally or share them online with other app users. I utilized the Cocos2D game platform to create the game […]

Ginn Music Group

Although I didn’t have a huge hand in the design, I was the heavy lifter in the behind-the-scenes development of this website. The user requested quite a bit of custom functionality for this website and its music database. This went so far as to require creating a custom WordPress plugin to manage the music selections, […]

LFG Nexus

An in-progress project designed to help tie gamers of all sorts together through a unified web app. Think of it as a “Steam for tabletop gamers.” More information will be coming soon as it is released – we’re in the early stages.

Mouth Mover

This was my first majorly successful iOS app with over 3 million downloads at last count. It is a simple app that has cartoons mouths which mimic your movement by utilizing your device microphone. I wore quite a few hats for this application, even going so far as to draw, color, and animate all of the individual […]


The North American Gay Volleyball Association site was a complete recreation of their previous site in a hurry, as their previous source code was lost and the creator had left. Going off of only testimony and screenshots, I recreated the look and functionality of their previous Coldfusion site with security and functionality improvements to address […]

Now You Know Central

Since 2013, I have been working on Now You Know Central, which is as complete A-to-Z solution for chiropractors to build and manage their website, customer email, waiting area media, billing and customer support, and more. I had to revamp the existing legacy code into a custom framework to meet the needs of Now You […]

Self & Associates

This website managed by Self &Associates is used to assign status updates, upload secure documents, and send notifications to manage eviction filings for property management communities (PMCs). Administrators set up accounts for these users who submit residences for the attorney users to file and upload the necessary paperwork, then notify the PMC of any status […]

Solve That Puzzle

A rebus puzzle program that was developed when they started becoming popular on the iOS store. This one sported an 80s game show theme to accompany the puzzles. It went under the name “Rebus Puzzler” before it was changed later on due to a copyright issue. This was one of the last game apps I […]


This application takes a video file, processes the entire timeline, and looks for images that matched or closely matched a library of static images that is user provided. Its primary purpose is to remove blank or static-y sections of video files for GearSprout, which was a video conversion company. Its secondary purpose is to convert the […]