This application takes a video file, processes the entire timeline, and looks for images that matched or closely matched a library of static images that is user provided. Its primary purpose is to remove blank or static-y sections of video files for GearSprout, which was a video conversion company. Its secondary purpose is to convert the video in to another format at the same time, since the videos GearSprout often received were not in a format they could use. This was sold to several other video companies and individuals who performed similar functions. We also had talks with Apple about including its functionality in their video editing suite, but it was ultimately decided not to put it in the upcoming version as it was too close to release already.

It was an interesting project to work on and it exposed me to a lot of the Objective C and various Apple library quirks. There were an amusingly long amount of workarounds needed to get things to work and licensing issues were something we had to deal with. A lot of experience was gained working on a project like this which continued to be updated all throughout my career at GearSprout.

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